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Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydła calamine powder 100g

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Calamine powder has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, soothes itching and burning, regulates the work of sebaceous glands and promotes skin regeneration. It works to soothe irritations, rashes and other kinds of disasters (for example, the terrible ones that fall on us after shaving our legs). When applied in spots, it helps to dry up minor imperfections, thus wreaking havoc on the (we have to write this) a pimple. The self-mixed calamine paste can be used in the struggle with the skin, but also in irritation of the body, scalp or regenerating the plate and around the nails.


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How to use



soothing cosmetic applied to inflammatory changes, face / body mask, addition to masks, bath powder Spot-on, taking turns: In a glass or on a tablespoon, mix a little calamine with a drop of boiled water or hydrolate. Apply with a cotton swab on spots on blemishes or irritations. Wash off after 15 minutes. 100% mask: In a clean (not metal) vessel, mix a portion of calamine (about 1 tablespoon) with a little boiled water or hydrolate until you get the consistency of a thick paste. It is worth enriching the mask with a few drops of any natural vegetable oil – it is then more delicate.


Spread on slightly damp skin of the face and rinse after about 15 minutes, not allowing the paste to dry in the meantime (the addition of oil, spraying the mask with hydrolate or putting a small towel wrung out of warm water on the face will help).


After washing the mask thoroughly, spray the skin with the hydrolate again and apply oil or cream.


Mask with clays: We can prepare a richer mask by mixing calamine with clays (for example with white or pink) in any proportions. This is a great way to adjust the intensity of the action to the needs of your own skin.


Lotion: Put a portion (1 tablespoon) of your favorite lotion into a bowl, add a pinch of calamine, mix thoroughly. Apply to the body.


Bath: Depending on the volume of the bathtub, pour a handful or two handfuls of calamine into warm water. You can add a few drops of your favorite oil. Rinse your body after bathing and gently pat dry with a towel.

Apply some oil or lotion.

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