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Nature Queen Body Brush

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Nature Queen’s natural body brush designed for dry massage of the whole body. The shape perfectly fits the hand, so it does not slip during the massage, and you have full control over the movements of the brush on the skin surface. Dry brush massage allows you to get rid of dead epidermis, remove toxin deposits, and also stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin supple and soft. In addition, the skin after the massage with the brush is able to absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently, thanks to which using natural Nature Queen cosmetics after the massage will increase their effectiveness. Dry massage with a brush can be performed both in the morning and in the evening, but not more often than 2-3 times a week.

Do not use any cosmetics (e.g. oils) for dry massage. Brush your body with decisive movements, always in the direction of the heart, i.e. in the direction of lymph flow in the body – this will allow you to get even better results. Adjust the pressure to the thickness of your skin and the area you massage with it – you can brush the soles of your feet and heels more carefully, and the neckline and armpits more gently. Use the brush to prepare the skin for further care. Relax and relax! After the massage, use your favorite Nature Queen oil or body lotion.

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