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Resibo Scented candle LOVE

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A vegan soy candle with a wooden wick that makes the flame so unique. A composition of sweetness of orange ripened in southern sun, a hint of spice and uniqueness from cinnamon and beguiling aroma of rose tree.

For all fond of rituals, candlelight, nice aromas floating over the flame, and if you like watching the twinkling flame.

How to use it?

Here’s a few hints that will help you benefit from all the advantages of the candle and enjoy it as long as possible:

  1. When you light the candle for the first time, let the melted wax reach the edges of the candle (minimum one hour).
  2. This will prevent the funnel from occurring and the wick from being covered with wax later.
  3. The wick is wooden, which means the temperature of burning is lower than in case of traditional cotton wicks – the candle does not smoke, burns for long, the aroma spreads better in the air and the flame is very impressive.
  4. Before you light the candle again, remember to  gently  remove the burnt piece of the wick, to enjoy a clean and stable flame.
  5. Bear  in mind your own safety – before leaving the room for a longer time, make sure to put out the candle.

Have a nice evening :)

gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka

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