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Succulent – Donkey Tails

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Succulents are small, tropical-looking plants. You can recognize them by their pointed fleshy leaves, in which they store water. In BC Organic we sell them in all shapes and colours.

Some have spines, others are smooth and softly rounded. Succulents are low maintenance and drought tolerant. You will love them! Although they like dry conditions, they do need water, especially during the growing season.

Home care:

Needs very little care. Water sparingly when required and keep in an even warm environment. As an added bonus, this plant often produces small baby plants, or offsets at the base of the main rosette of leaves, which can be potted up to give to all your friends!

Please note that the pots in the photograph are not supplied with the plants (which are sent out in simple nursery pots)

Dimensions: H;15cm,
Pot 4cmx3.5cm

gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka gwiazdka

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