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In the offer of our online store you will find Anwen cosmetics – a brand that is also trusted in the UK.

The company’s offer consists mainly of hair preparations, that is: shampoos, nutrients, masks, mists, oils and serums, supplements. The Anwen brand was created by the popular blogger and „hair maniac” Anna Kołomycew, who since 2009 shares her knowledge about hair care, and has designed the cosmetics line together with the chemist Katarzyna Sawicz.

Practical accessories are also available on the market under the name Anwen – hair bands, brushes and publications that help to increase knowledge about hair. It is „awareness” that is the basic value promoted by the brand, which encourages care in accordance with the porosity of the hair. Relatively few people know that this is important when choosing cosmetics. Our store operating in the UK makes it easy to buy Anwen cosmetics, which are produced with the specific needs of low, medium and high porosity hair in mind. An important advantage of their unique recipes is also the balance of PEH, that is: proteins with building properties, emollients with a protective effect, moisturizing humectants.

Anwen cosmetics are distinguished by an attractive price in relation to quality and a large volume of packaging. Numerous certificates confirm their quality and vegan formula. We recommend them primarily to clients who are aware of the characteristics of their hair and are looking for the highest quality cosmetics with a balanced, natural composition.

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