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Herbaria Banfi

Herbaria Banfi is a Hungarian brand that as Banfi has over 60 years of experience in developing herbal products.

Banfi specializes in the production of hair care cosmetics based on blends of herbs, known for decades for their healing and care effectiveness.

The iconic Banfi lotions conquer many world markets, and thus the hearts of hair maniacs who see results after using the products. Why? Since the rubs are extremely effective, they contain rich plant ingredients, for example

• Mustard extract

• Horseradish

• Oregano

• Juniper

• Nettles

Lotions are especially recommended for weakened hair, prone to falling out, because they strengthen the hair bulbs and stimulate their growth. The main goal of the brand’s activity is to produce cosmetics with a natural composition, mainly based on fresh and pure plant extracts, which are not concentrates. An important point in hair care with scrubs is a relaxing scalp massage.

It is worth using a special massager for this, which will allow the preparation to be spread more thoroughly, stimulate blood circulation and expand the pores. Thanks to the massage, the active ingredients will penetrate deeper into the bulbs faster. And you will enjoy new baby hair!

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