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Sylveco natural cosmetics produced in harmony with nature.

Sylveco is a Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics that creates products that are friendly to the skin and the environment. The Sylveco brand has gained recognition of Polish women not only in Poland, but also in the British Isles. This is confirmed by numerous cosmetic certificates and awards in competitions. Polish women eagerly reach for Sylveco’s hits for hair, face and body. Consciously selected creams, shampoos, scrubs for the scalp, conditioners, hair massages care for the skin and provide exactly what it needs. The brand uses the Polish blessings of nature to produce – herbs and flowers are the main ingredients of Sylveco cosmetics.

Polish brand products offered in our BC Organic online store are characterized by efficiency and good prices. Sylveco made sure that the products do not contain harmful substances, silicones or parabens, therefore the compositions are very thoughtful and dermatologically tested to have a good effect on sensitive, demanding skin.

Polish herbs used in Polish natural cosmetics Sylveco include, for example, chamomile, calendula and hibiscus. Allergic skin needs specialist care, do not hesitate to reach for Sylveco.

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