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Our online store in the British Isles could not miss a company that creates unique cosmetics, which is Biolaven, belonging to the well-known in Poland and abroad concern Sylveco.

Biolaven are natural and vegan products that were created out of love for medical lavender.

The purple plant is perfect for stimulating the senses, relaxing and aromatherapy. Lavender flower contains up to 3% of essential oil, organic acids and mineral salts that reduce puffiness and reduce redness formed on the skin. Biolaven cosmetics can be used by teenagers who, in their teenage years, struggle with skin imperfections, pimples, pimples or acne. Mature skin will also be pleased with the beneficial properties of natural creams and the Biolaven serum. Day and night creams contain nourishing grape seed oil and vitamin E, which protect against drying and harmful factors, restoring skin softness and elasticity.

Good ingredients in the cosmetics of the Polish brand are, for example, lavender oil, grape seed oil, lactic acid, avocado butter, squalane, vitamin E and hydrolyzed oat proteins.

The low price and effectiveness of Polish Biolaven cosmetics in the UK make them a popular choice.

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