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The Polish brand Lullalove was established in 2013 and creates designer products that combine high quality, ingenuity, ergonomics and multifunctionality, aimed mainly at children and their parents.

Lullalove has been recognized with awards many times “Good Design 2015”, winning the “Super Mama Awards 2015” plebiscite, winning the “Parents’ Choice” competition it also carries the KidZone seal of quality

Lullalove cosmetics are safe and have been dermatologically tested. They protect the skin against drying and cracking of the epidermis. In the offer of our store with natural cosmetics you will find, for example, Subtly bronzing face cream Foot cream with propolis Warming bath salt Hand cream with propolis Revitalizing eye cream Gentle face and body cream for children Mild washing gel and baby shampoo

The real hit of Lullalove is a brush made of beech wood and tampico bristles for dry massage. What does brush massage help for? relieves tension – especially when brushing the neck and shoulders, reduces swelling, helps with joint pain, firms and tones the skin, by brushing the bust, we get rid of lymphatic deposits formed when wearing a bra, works great with fresh, red stretch marks, improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

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