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Nowa Kosmetyka

Nowa Kosmetyka was founded in 2018 in Katowice thanks to Natalia – a young chemist who once struggled with the problem of recurring acne. Fighting imperfections on the face was the beginning of a beautiful natural adventure.

New Cosmetics includes products for hair, nails, face and home. At BC Organic, we choose brands that respect the environment for you. Nowa Kosmetyka is a company that has been guided by the zero waste philosophy from the very beginning. Each cosmetic is made by hand and packed in glass bottles and jars.

For people who struggle with hair loss, we recommend the scalp serum „Less problems, more hair”. The action of the serum will work not only when you want to calm the work of sebaceous glands or moisturize the scalp. It improves circulation in the skin and provides it with ingredients that build and strengthen the hair. Thanks to this, the hairstyle has a chance to thicken and grow faster, and you gain a calm head.

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